The Man Behind www.PuzzleHacks.com

Edward Allan Romero -It’s ME!

After working for an outsourcing company for couple of years handling support for computer and telecom products, he became fond of technical stuff, music and homesteading. The thing was, he always wanted to give friendly or even snarky advice’s and sometimes ended up being ignored…Poor Guy…!…ehehe..so he decided to keep his mouth shut, compiled his knowledge and experiences authoring PuzzleHacks. ” Where every hack seems to be a missing piece in the board of your mind game”.

Get in touch and send him a message right in the contact form below or send an email via edwardallan@puzzlehacks.com. Your insight matters. Surely he will get back to you as soon as he can.

P.S. 48 hours will be a maximum though or weekend will be also be a long day for him.

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