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My theory about fat burning foods was totally different from what the label says “fat burning foods”.

I often get this questions a lot from folks.

“Hey Edward, how the hell did lose that belly fat in just 2 months’ time?”

“Are you taking drugs?”

“What fat burning foods you use?”

“What foods burn fat the fastest?”

“Can I have your stomach fat burning foods?”

“I’m a woman, what do you think was the best diet plan for me?”

All same questions over and over again.

Before dreaming of your best figure in the front of your mirror wearing your favorite body-fitted V-neck shirts, you have to think and ask yourself first.

Don’t expect me to give you a magical potion to use and hope fully it will be an overnight result, tomorrow you’ll wake up, holy crap!

Stop sniffing that fairy dust!

Like what I’ve said from very first article about natural weight loss tips, we are what we are eating.

You’ll have to think twice before putting anything on your plate. Why?

Because the moment these foods leave your fork and enter your mouth, they are all entirely yours, they will become part of you.

Generally, I discouraged my colleagues to use any fat burning foods treated with chemicals or any commercial products.

That’s not my cup of tea.

But it’s up to you if you want to be like a kangaroo that will jump to the final results of all of these.

Of course, a gorgeous, slim and sexy “YOU”.

If these were approved by your doctors anyway then there’s no problem at all.

But for me, natural fat burning foods along with natural remedies to speed up your metabolism has always been a great choice.


Cause if you introduce a foreign object in your body for a purpose, you are disturbing the natural cycle.


What are Fat Burning Foods?

 fat burning foods

Everything boils down to my own experience.

It was not the theory that you will eat these foods and out of your 60% fat percentage, it will melt down to 40% overnight.

You are hanging yourself on a tree if you want an extreme result.

These are foods that will gradually burn fat.

They do double duty—they help you blast fat and make you feel full longer, so you’ll eat fewer calories.

Though some of their functions are so called to be- foods that help burn belly fats, they are mostly foods that help you feel fuller longer and reduce your craving for food.


The Power List

So, you’ll want to get more of your bite?

It’s true.

Include these in your diet, maybe have an amount in your snack or make as your main dish, you’ll see results!


Eggs (preferably free-range eggs)

fat burning foods

Egg is my protein king.

They build and repair your muscle and burn your fat.

An egg’s not only a nutritional power house; it’s also loaded with protein that satisfies.

Eat hard boiled-eggs for breakfast; they’ll curb your appetite enough that you’ll have enough calories less than usual throughout the rest of the day.

Make sure to eat not just the whites, most of all the nutrients can be found in the yolk so you better eat them as they contain ALL the fat soluble vitamins.

They literally control appetite and balance fat burning hormones.

For anyone who loves fried eggs, brush a little amount of cooking spray in a skillet, cook in a low fire and enjoy a crispy one.


Chicken breast (Turkey or other lean products)

fat burning foods

You can have it in any recipe.

Use butter and spices to enhance the taste.

They basically build muscles and strengthen immunity against diseases.


Green Tea

fat burning foods

Any brand of green tea will do but I always use Lipton Green Tea.

Drink at least 2 cups of tea a day or even before bedtime.

Green tea has a property with cleansing effect and is very good for fats burning process.

Have a cup with a teaspoon and natural honey squeezed with a sliced of fresh lemon.


Fish Fillet

fat burning foods

Like lean meat, these are included in fat burning foods and are also high in proteins.

These are tunas, mackerels, salmons and the like.



Chili Peppers

fat burning foods

Literally hot pepper makes the food hot!

It’s true.

And not only the food but also they serve as food that burns fat around your belly.

These foods have a very high thermo genic effect, so literally you scorch calories as you chew them.

They contain nutrients, compounds as well as detoxification agents that stoke your metabolic fire, hence lose belly fat.

Eating peppers directly speeds up your metabolism by 20% with a spike lasting up to 3 hours hence reduces your cravings for food.

They can be flakes, powders, or raw capsicum themselves to be put in your dishes.

Others were combinations of seeds and flakes like cayenne powders.

Fire up your metabolism with these remedies!



fat burning foods

These are nuts like almonds, pine nuts etc. considered another fatty food.

As much as possible are nuts with skin-intact, these nuts can also be considered as fat burning foods.

Why? they slim your tummy by making it full at the moment as they control blood sugar level.

It has been said on certain studies that a person who ate nuts felt fuller longer than person who ate rice cake.

A reminder, skip the salted one as too much sodium retains fluids in your body and may raise blood pressure.



Citrus Fruits

fat burning foods

Proven that any Vitamin C reduces fat by 30%.

Eat anytime within the day, or as a substitute to your glass of orange juice.

As when you Google the question, best fat burning foods, lemon water is always on the list, it is still included in the family of citrus fruits.



fat burning foods

These include strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and goji berries.

Considered to be included in the list of high-fat burning foods, these berries are packed with nutrients and considered to be one of the best anti-oxidant around.

They are high in fiber and low in calories which helps show carb absorption and avoid insulin spikes.

That said, eating a cup of berries means eating an amount of nutrients your body need but consuming less calories.

So clearly, these berries are amazing when being asked about what to eat to lose belly fat.


Leafy Greens

fat burning foods

Wanna asked about veggies that burn fats?

Understand it in a way that these veggies carries nutrients that your body need and supplement you to feel fuller longer throughout the day.

If you have a meal every four hours, you can have a salad of it in between.

Among were spinach, cabbages, broccolis and the like.

They provide plenty of dietary fibers that helps burns food faster, hence burns belly fat fast.

These can be considered as the best detox foods that you can add to your diet for they include a variety of antioxidants that helps stimulates your metabolism.

They fight harmful free radicals and improve recovery for better muscle building.


Whole Grains

fat burning foods

Last but not the least, is my favorite breakfast.

Look for bread that  labels whole wheat grains in the supermarket.

But oatmeal was the best for they are high in fibers and helps you feel fuller longer.

Such includes quinoa, brown rice and other whole grains cereals.

They stabilize your blood sugar level and fire up your digestions.

Have a cup of oatmeal on your plate with sliced of banana and a teaspoon of honey to taste and it is a perfect breakfast.



Generally, it would be a long-term approach for obese people and crashed dieting is not an option.

It will pose threat as nutrient imbalance may take effect.

For a healthier outcome, do this naturally and in a healthier way.

Watch over bad fats and gradually cut back on carbs.

Go for complex carbs like brown rice, oats, potatoes and other high fiber foods.

Remember, that fiber, which can be found in high-wheat foods and certain fruits and vegetables is an important one for fat loss because it increases feelings of fullness and pushes fat through the system to be eliminated.

Mix everything up, have self-discipline in all foods that you are eating, enough time for sleep, proper exercise plus including these tips in your diet might help you a lot.

Have any fat burning foods that help you a lot to lose weight?

Let me know in the comment section… I love to hear from you.


P.S. All advice here were all based on my own experience and not being posted as medical advice. Although most informations were said to be general and has scientific basis, it is with the readers will if they will take it as an advice or not.


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10 Best Fat Burning Foods an Obese Should Know
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