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Quick and Natural Weight Loss Tips 

‘ Any weight loss tips?’

“How do I lose weight quickly?”

“How do I achieve a slimmer figure in a week through your weight loss tips?”

Guess, I’ve heard this question a lot of times from a lot of folks after not seeing me for years.

Feeling sick of looking at the mirror having trouble putting the button of your trousers on?

Spending too much time in the mall’s fitting room trying to find appropriate dress where you could look slimmer?

Tired of following bunch of diet tips to lose significant amount of weight quickly but ended up all not worth it?

You’re still one of the obese people holding your tummy, guilty when a dietitian or nutritionist tells the crowd what are the food not to eat towards a healthy lifestyle.

Frustrating?  Isn’t it? …. weight loss tips…weight loss…weight loss…

Well ,in this guide, I will honestly tell you what are the steps I took, what worked and what didn’t and my mistakes to my weight loss journey.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea (whichever you enjoy) and start reading.


I hate to say this, but back in 2012, I was one of the so-called “THE BIGGEST LOSER” contestants and I really aspire to be fit, not because I wanted to be healthy, but yes, maybe I wanted to be healthy at some point (who doesn’t want to be healthy anyway?),

Or maybe to have a load of sex appeal?

Because moving like a pot-bellied pig was like a suicide?

Or because I wanted to use other than dark colored shirts coz I only look slimmer when I’m wearing them?(I can’t even wear slim fit shirts )

Or because I can’t even tie my shoelace? LOL..

Develop self-esteem?..

Well, I’ll tell you, “all of them”.

My weigh didn’t even goes down to 210 lbs. and the numbers to continue increase at my 24.

As years pass, I almost felt that I was like a ticking time bomb.

And the reality was to accept this self-delusion that I maybe become a fit guy someday, and that was all.

Worse….Far worse.

But something happened for a change.

After three months, I didn’t even know that everything was for real.

Last two weigh in was shocking 135 lbs. to 130 lbs.

And I’m having a good night sleep,

Always “go” before 7:00 in the morning…

And in the life of thousands of individuals struggling to make their everyday much lighter like me, it was a novelty.


weight loss tips

First of all, I’m not a dietitian, nor a nutritionist, but the honest weight loss tips I’m going to share with you was the fruit of time I’ve spend researching for what works for me on this road to fitness and my burning desire to become healthy…

Forget about slimming products.

Forget all those tips and so-called “military diets”.

And forget all YouTube tutorials or whatever fakes bedtime rituals other people are offering.

Yeah…they might work for quite sometimes. They might cut down some inches in your waistline for some days.

But I’m honestly telling you, they all suck!

And they were all nightmares afterward.

Been through with them.


Things I’ve Learned From Some of the Bad Habit Diets

weight loss tips

They will make you believe that slimming was along with CRAVING. Losing weight doesn’t really equate to starvation as your body needs the proper nutrients to burn fats; otherwise, they will store them.

  1. They will limit you to eat only the food that was included in their diet programs.
  2. They will teach you the damn “crashed diet”. If  this is included in your weight loss tips, this cannot be done overnight.
  3. And with others, they will only let you buy their products. Yeah.as what was expected. Some business stuff…
  4. Some diet results are temporary, coz your weight will come back when you stop dieting.


And this was the most frustrating.

You’ve done everything.

Followed their cute advices, but after that, here you go again…looking at the mirror, or asking your husband…”Hon..do I still look slimmer?” And then him with fancy response,” Yeah of course honey…You’re the most beautiful more that I could imagine”…

POOR you…

But wait, here’s the good news…

And here was the road to fitness I took; I want you to also take.

The weight loss tips I discovered.

There was a “big secret” that everyone knows but was never told.

I’ve known it since I’ve discovered it.

And I’ve said nothing.

Not because I’m an asshole (well, maybe I’m an asshole coz I didn’t even bother to tell even though I know that it was that simple.). But NO, the reason behind was I felt the need of you reading this article.

That’s why I wrote this simple blog post for you.

Something’s horrifying was…

You’ve done almost everything to lose weight quickly but the situation’s becoming worst.

You’re done with your last meal but you can’t almost wait for the next.

Your mind was craving with a mouth-watering buffet.

And you want to open your fridge to see if there was any cooked pasta.

You’re depressed and you want to drink alcohol.

Well, you might want to be fit and slim but you might be taking the wrong path.

Instead of asking how to lose weight in a matter of weeks, or how to become slimmer fast, you might wanna asked something different, much less obvious.

And I’m tellin you,

It might change everything.

WHAT are these weight loss tips?

Ready to hear the big secret?

Then here it is.

Am I eating RIGHT to be slim and fit?”

It probably doesn’t make any sense to you.

It’s almost impossible for a guy with 200 lbs. weight to achieve 120 lbs. output in just a couple of weeks…considering a healthier outcome.

Let me emphasize the word “RIGHT”…

You can eat a set of food during mealtime lesser than the amount of food you were eating before for a day or two.

Or what’s being told in your diet chart but will go back to your bad eating habits after few days.

The brutal truth was that everything boils down to you. And so am I.

Because you are the outlier of yourself.

You are the reason why you are one of the next contestants in “THE BIGGEST LOSER”.

And why am I snapping these statements to you?

It’s kinda rude, but it’s HONEST.

And this is how I changed myself. You have to start from eating RIGHT.

Because “we” are what we are eating.

weight loss tips

And lacks of discipline in the foods we are eating are lack of discipline to ourselves.

YOU’RE CHOICE TO BE HEALTHY  Quick weight loss tips!

These weight loss tips are not as easy as one, two, and three.

You have to be serious about it because it might put your immune system to certain risk.

In my case, choosing a healthy lifestyle instead of just being slim and fit, turned out to be a smart move.

After knowing that eating the right kind of food was the tool and choosing to be healthy was the main key to keep fit and lose weight quickly, I have come up with some tips that really works for me, make it sure to follow these simple bullets.


Instead of going on a diet, feed your body with more wholesome foods like vegetables, nuts and fruits. Skip white grains (those considered starches) and fatty meat portions. Since protein is king, I always chose fish. Other sources of proteins are eggs(I prefer free-ranged), chicken breast, soya beans and wheat products. Watch out on how you cook them. Fries are acceptable but not necessary. Tweak your recipes to something creative but with healthy alternatives. For example, if you are fond of steaming, discover some wonderful dips or sauces to satisfy your meal or just even simple tarragon vinegar will do.

weight loss tips

Drink a lot of warm soup before meal so that you will feel fuller longer (Avoid cream based). It is also better to eat more than one serving of vegetables.  Well, I learned to eat every four hours during the day to sustain the fat burning mode of my body.

Eat small amount while balancing the carbohydrates, protein and fat intake. That is effective to lose weight quickly!

 Eat lots and lots of fruits and a vegetable because they contain a lot of fiber that help your body reduces more fats and they are your best carbs. Example of these low carbs but fibrous are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, string beans, celery, lady fingers (okra), sweet potato and squashes. Fruits like berries, pears, apples and like are packed with nutrients and considered antioxidants.

weight loss tips

To support fat intake, I go for nuts. With the capability of stabilizing blood sugar level, they reduce my appetite before the next meal. I always go for mixed nuts. Other sources are olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil,butter and tallow.

weight loss tips

Little by little, eliminate sugary foods like pastries, chocolates, artificial juices and refined bread because they only boost your appetite. They also provide your body with empty calories that make you feel hungry faster. If you feel the need or craving for sugars, replace it with natural honey or agave nectars.

 Avoid salty foods or those treated with preservatives. They retain water.

Feeling hungry from long drive or a stressful environment? my tip:

Before eating, just concentrate. Chew the food thoroughly instead of eating too much in a small period of time.

Remember: It took 15 minutes before your system transmits signal to your brain that you are already full.

In my case, I look for healthy alternatives to what I was eating too much before but basically give more nutrients. (e.g. Instead of eating fried rice with meat in the morning, I’d substitute with a cup of whole oats  with sliced fruit and a glass of milk) In this practice, I eventually learned to appreciate the taste of healthy foods.

So the key here was, feeding your body with real foods (not processed or treated with any chemicals) balancing the nutrients it needs (Protein, fat, Carbohydrates) to make you lose weight without hunger but cutting back on sugars and salts that most of the time boosts your appetite.


    weight loss tips

This has been said countless times over, and being the most powerful solvent in the universe, water is the best beverage you can get to lose weight quickly.

Water has zero calories and cleansing effect that cannot be replaced by any sweetened fruit juices or other artificially flavored waters.

Sodas and carbonated drinks only give empty calories like other sugary foods does than the nutrients what your body needs  and only result to stomach bloating.

Try water infused with lemon, cucumber and mint leaves coz it is best known effective for weight loss.

Green tea is an option if you prefer hot beverages and was absolutely good because it can also help boost metabolism. There are varieties of green teas in the market but I personally recommend Lipton green tea which I usually drink 3 cups every day.  This is also being used by my Mom.

And lastly, we all know that water increase our metabolism by 30% instantly.

So stop being stubborn and make it sure to drink 8-10 glasses or more every day.


    weight loss tips

Exercise is very important for weight loss. Put on your running shoes to receive enough sunlight for at least 30minutes every day.

 For busy persons, try to at least lift weight 15 to 30mins every day.  For instance, have a treadmill at home and use it on a specific speed for a period of time, and then lift weights after. Any type of treadmill and weights will do, but it is very important and highly recommended to have at least 30mins of total workout using these equipment everyday especially if you are stress-exposed person.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a treadmill like me, you can try doing squats and lunges slowly or even planking after your morning jog will certainly boost your metabolism.

Simply tweak your exercise by alternating high-and-low intensity activities (High Intensity Interval Training) which will surely burns fats much faster and continue to boost your calorie-burning progress hours after you stop exercising.


    weight loss tips

Having complete hours of rest at night helps is considered one of the bet weight loss tips.

I’m telling you, you have to find a way because if you are exposed to stress due to a toxic work schedule or a suffering from an emotional issue, chances are, you might lose the motivation to stick to your workout.

You need to keep your stress in check because it may also have you turn to eating more or unhealthy habits like drinking more alcohol.

For others who are working on a graveyard shift or working under a stressful environment, you can try mind and body exercise like meditations or yoga to keep your negative emotions in check.

So the hacks here was:

Dieting is not always the answer if you ask for weight loss tips…

And for instance, this doesn’t also have to equate to starvation or shunning all foods delicious.

Most diets didn’t work for some majority of people, because, yeah, these weight loss tips may work for quite some time but when you stop dieting, the pounds will start to come back.

Sometimes in even greater amounts…

The thing was, if you want to be slim and fit, it’s a matter of choice.

You need to choose to be HEALTHY as a golden step for weight loss tips…

It’s a lifestyle that you need to embrace. A state of mind…

And you have to be freaking serious about it like I did.

Coz it’s not easy.

Proper exercise, determination, self-control plus the above tips will surely help you attain the figure you want.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start choosing HEALTHY…not tomorrow… but right now.

Start in your next meal.


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Slim Naturally with These Weight Loss Tips